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       cupuncture is holistic medicine. Utilizing Five-Element and TCM practices we look at the whole person- body, mind, and spirit. One part of us cannot be sick without affecting us as a whole. Acupuncture looks to facilitate a treatment that allows the body, mind, and spirt to recover, reorient, and remember a sense of harmony and health creating wellness for that person. 


The Body in Balance

        cupuncture has an effect on the entire body system. It can promote and create overall well-being in a person. Acupuncture helps to balance the nervous system. It helps to calm down our "fight or flight" nervous system and stimulate our "rest and digest" nervous system. It tells the body to release the naturally occurring endorphins that collect around the spinal cord into the rest of the body. This helps cultivate a calm state of being- reducing stress, relieving pain, improving circulation throughout the body, instilling deeper breathing, and boosting mood! This means a life and body that is more in balance. 

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