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What is Acupuncture?

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is holistic medicine that looks at the whole person- body, mind, and spirit. One cannot be sick without affecting the others. Acupuncture looks to facilitate a treatment that allows the body, mind, and spirit to recover, reorient, and remember a sense of harmony creating wellness for that person.

Acupuncture is an ancient medicine born and cultivated in China. Acupuncture has stood the test of time. There are records that indicate it being practiced as early as 4,000 BC! It is the oldest medicine on earth. 

Acupuncture involves inserting very thin needles into the skin. There is nothing on the needles. They trigger the body's own resources to activate and bring care to where is needed. An herb called Moxa is also burned near or on the skin as a part of some treatments. 


What does 

Acupuncture treat?





Trouble Sleeping





Back Pain

Neck Pain

Knee Pain

Hip Pain

Joint Pain

Musculoskeletal Pain

Intractable Pain

Women's Health

Heavy Periods

Irregular Periods




Morning Sickness

Post Partum Care




Nerve Pain





Difficulty Breathing

Common Cold


Skin Conditions

Digestive Health

High Blood Pressure



Woman Receiving Acupuncture

What does Acupuncture entail?

Acupuncture uses small pin-like needles that are inserted into the skin. A typical acupuncture treatment uses anywhere between two and twenty needles- the average is about six to ten needles. Acupuncture points are found all over the body including the hands, arms, feet, legs, torso, back, head, and face. 

How big are acupuncture needles?

Acupuncture Needles are very thin, about the size of 2 human hairs. They are much smaller than needles used to draw blood. Acupuncture needles are not hollow, don't inject anything into the skin, and therefore can be much thinner than other medical needles.

does acupuncture hurt?

Most acupuncture doesn't hurt. Often patients feel nothing. There are a few acupuncture points that hurt. Most of these points are on the hands and feet where there is less flesh and a higher concentration of nerve endings. Some people are also more sensitive to needles than others, different people experience acupuncture differently. The pain shouldn't last more than a few seconds to a minute, and if a point continues to be painful an acupuncturist will either move the needle or remove it. For most, the relaxation and relief they get from treatment far outweigh the brief moments of discomfort. Patient's often comment, "I don't understand how being stuck with needles can be so relaxing!"

There are different kinds of Acupuncture

Believe it or not there are different kinds of acupuncture. The most common types of acupuncture found in the United States are TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Five Element Acupuncture, and Auricular Acupuncture. TCM practitioners often also prescribe chinese herbs to their patients. 

Some practitioners are purists and practice one type of acupuncture exclusively, others will mix various methods together to be able to address a wider range of ailments. 

More Information to come! 

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